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There's more to Real Life than the usual crap on web pages, isn't there? To know me in Real Life (assuming you even care), you have no choice but to do it the old fashioned way, i.e. through personal contact. So I'm going to assume that you i) already know me; ii) are stalking me; or iii) somehow landed up here following random links. In any of these cases I wash my hands of all responsibility or anything you read here.

And do we really need those godawful patterned backgrounds with crapulent coloured text? I remember when Macintoshes and laser printers first became popular, every flyer and newsletter you saw had about 74 different fonts on it. Web pages seem to be going the same way, with the added agony of colour.

Wouldn't it be nice if the Web was about content and not stupid frame-laden flashing-icon-filled commercial garbage? So, no gratuitous javascript, no commercials, and no `ducks'. (My thanks to ERTufte.) *

I commute on my bike--why don't you consider it too? And, if you are hopelessly overqualified and have priced yourself out of the market, consider the Ph. D. Expunging Service.

Drawing of Wodehouse Pelham ("Plum") Grenville Wodehouse.

My flying adventures (and photo gallery). Waco

Some resources for the R/C airplane community - airfoil plotting and modification software, the FAQ file, circuit diagrams etc..

airplane pictures

Unicon or, Why Perl sucks Unicon

telemark image Telemark skiing in the backcountry

essays write

Quayle My vicarious 15' of fame: Dan Quayl(e) shaking hands with my uncle. An authentic Dan Quayle quote. The Official Dan Qualye Fan Club (Ayeffdeequeue) homepage.

Yes, I'm a social and environmental activist. Earth First, eh?

If you've always wanted ammunition to refute the absurd claims (we'll be polite and not call them lies) of the right wing, here's Steve Kangas' page for liberals everywhere.

Map of choices IIT Bombay KALW Radio Whadya Know? KPFA Radio Pacifica Radio Network Soaring Society of America NewtWatch ACLU Arizona Daily Wildcat

The UIUC Low-Speed Airfoil Tests  * Current weather map  * Purdue Weather Server  * Aviation Image Archives  * Atheism, Humanism, and Freethought  * The Tower Hobbies Home Page  * Global Positioning System (GPS)  * YOW! (Also a random quote and some history).


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